Our Story

Sarah Battersby, Founder

I used to think about my skincare routine as a time to punish my skin (and myself) for skin imperfections. I tried everything for my acne-prone, oily skin — prescription products, aggressive med-spa treatments, and at-home remedies. My skin just got worse. 

I was having this struggle with my skin in 2014, the year I started my career in the medical cannabis industry working for a federally regulated Canadian company that produces high-quality medical cannabis products. My role at the company involved overseeing patient and doctor education and while the clinical evidence was just starting to emerge at the time, the positive feedback from patients was overwhelmingly strong. Quarterly industry reports published by Health Canada revealed hundreds of thousands of patients were using medical cannabis to manage ailments from anxiety and arthritis to sleep and PTSD.

Knowing CBD can help restore a state of balance to our bodies, I was hopeful CBD could solve my skin concerns. I also knew many progressive doctors were already treating their patient’s skin conditions with CBD and the results looked promising. 

At the end of a two-year unsuccessful search for a CBD skincare line that met the same level of quality standards I had grown accustom to from working in the medical cannabis industry, I decided to create State of Kind — high-performance CBD-enriched skincare products that heal, nourish, and restore skin.

To ensure our products meet the highest clean beauty standards, I partnered with a seasoned clean beauty chemist who spent hundreds of hours sourcing clean organic ingredients to complement and enhance the benefits of CBD. Our products are clinically tested, non-irritating, suitable for all skin types, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores).

In addition to giving you nourished, healthy, glowing skin, my mission is for State of Kind to serve as a reminder to show yourself (and your skin) a little more love, grace, and kindness.

Short Summary:

State of Kind is the manifestation of 6 years of work in Canadian and European medical cannabis industry, combined with the expertise of our clean beauty scientist to bring you high-performance CBD skincare.