Meet our founder, Sarah

State of Kind began with a desire to create high-performance CBD skincare that you can trust. With a background in medical cannabis and a passion for wellness, our formulas reflect the best of CBD science and exceptionally clean skincare.

I struggled with acne-prone, oily skin for years and would punish my skin (and truthfully, myself) with harsh treatments that only made my skin worse.

I learned about CBD while working as a director for a global cannabis company overseeing physician education and patient care. Understanding CBD can help restore a state of balance to our bodies, I searched for CBD skincare products that could do the same for my skin.

Through my search, I found a lot of questionable CBD products and misinformation which led me to create State of Kind. We use CBD in our products because of its benefits, not its hype. Hundreds of hours go into sourcing dozens of organic plant actives that our in-house chemist then specially formulates for enhanced performance.

I hope our products become one of your favourite daily rituals and serve as a reminder to show yourself (and your skin) more grace.