Who We Are

State of Kind is rooted in nature, supported through science, and exists as an invitation to show yourself (and your skin) a little more grace.  

We apply our history in the medical cannabis and clean beauty industries to create indulgent CBD-enriched skincare designed for humankind. 

We formulate with CBD because of its benefits, not its hype. Our 100% clean formulas are rich in broad-spectrum CBD from hemp, as well as dozens of other organic plant actives to nourish, hydrate, and repair skin.

Rooted In Nature.

We believe the best ingredients come from the earth.

Our non-toxic formulas contain 100% natural ingredients — no artificial chemicals, no questionable ingredients.

Being rooted in nature also means being kind to the Earth — we use eco-conscious packaging and manufacturing practices. 

Obsessively clean, high-performance ingredients

100% natural ingredients




Vegan & cruelty-free

Organic ingredients

Clinically safety tested

No synthetic fragrances. No parabens. No phthalates. No sulfates (SLS/SLES). No silicones. No endocrine disruptors. No phenoxyethanol.

Supported through Science.

Our in-house Clean Beauty Scientist formulates our products for enhanced absorption and uses high concentrations of organic ingredients that are clinically-proven to perform.

We source organically-grown, quality hemp for our broad-spectrum CBD extract. Our CBD oil is extracted and specially formulated by a team of three PhDs to maximize performance and 3x lab tested to ensure safety.

CBD —because of its benefits, not its hype.

We leverage our experience in the global medical cannabis sector to source high quality CBD oil and rigorously lab test it to ensure it is both safe and effective.

Our CBD oil is extracted from organically-grown US hemp. 

We use a rich concentration of broad-spectrum CBD, meaning it contains other cannabinoids that amplify the benefits of CBD, with zero THC.

Cultivating Kindfulness

Kindfulness (noun): taking mindfulness to a new level, the term kindfulness was coined by world-renowned meditation teacher, Ajahn Brahm, and it serves as an invitation to show ourselves more grace and kindness. We believe in the ceremony of caring for yourself, starting with your skin.